Last Updated on: 28-Apr-2023

हे कस काम करत?

  1. Activate your unique referral code from your account.
  2. Share your referral code with your friend and invite them to sign up for Markey on our website and input your referral code during signup. OR you can share a direct signup link with your referral code embedded and have them signup using the link.
  3. We will notify you when your referral upgrades to a paid plan on Markey and you will be eligible to receive reward on completion of 1 month of paid subscription by your referral.

Referral reward

  1. Referrer receives free subscription credits equivalent to INR 6,000/- for customers in India (or USD 100/- for outside India customers). This would be credited to the referrer’s Markey account on completion of one full month of uninterrupted paid subscription to Markey.
  2. Referrer can use these subscription credits towards their next subscription renewal for Markey. If an auto-debit is setup for next renewal, the same would be adjusted for the subscription credits available in their account.

Terms & conditions

  1. Owner of the Markey account making the referral is the “referrer”, and the party referred or invited under the referral program is deemed the “referral” or “referred” here.
  2. The referrer must be a subscriber of Markey and have a subscription account with Markey at the time of making the referral and at the time of eligibility to receive the referral reward.
  3. The referral reward is applicable only for up to 10 referrals in a calendar year. For any additional referrals, the referrer is required to enter into a sales/affiliate partnership agreement with Markey and receive benefits as defined in the agreement.
  4. The referral would be deemed eligible for reward only for if the referred user/business/company/organisation have never been Markey users before and are signing up for Markey for the first time.
  5. Markey reserves the right to deem a referral ineligible or deny referral reward if we believe the referral program is being abused.
  6. Markey reserves the right to update these terms of referral program anytime without notice. Updated terms will be published here effective immediately.