All your marketing creatives, in one place!

Time is of utmost importance when it comes to digital marketing. Yet only a fraction of the time is spent actually designing an ad. The rest of it goes into adapting designs into various sizes for all the different digital marketing platforms.  What you need today are multiple design options for every ad, delivered constantly to keep your business relevant online. Now imagine if you had the power to create ads for all platforms with a single click?

Welcome to Markey Creative Studio.

Get your ad creatives instantly for key social media platforms. Markey Creative Studio is a single platform for you to create, edit and manage all your ad copies and creatives (images/videos) and use them in your ad campaigns across platforms. We also offer free stock creatives for your use if you don’t have your own.

Why switch to the Markey Creative Studio?

Get professional quality marketing ads done in minutes.

Design Made Accessible

No cumbersome software or system requirements, just sign in and get started right away.

Instant Creatives

Upload your brand images or find one online, apply filters and edits, generate ad creatives in a click

Multi-channel output

One creative is all you need. Ready-to-post ads for Facebook, Insta, Google etc in less than a minute.

Decoding the Design Process

  • Search from an image catalogue, click a photo or upload a layout.
  • Add headlines or hero text, add subtext, add your logo.
  • Pick a filter or edit the image with a single click.

In a click, your ad creatives for all supported platforms are ready to publish.

Unique Creatives for Unique Channels

  • Each Social platform such as Facebook, Insta, Google etc require their own unique sizing for your creatives.
  • One small change requires extensive man-hours to adapt changes for each platform.
  • Markey presents a revolutionary new solution instantly generating adapted creatives for all platforms, at the click of a button.

Design: Done and Delivered