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Create Great Customer Experiences Every time

Deliver great experiences at every stage with our omni-channel, personalized customer engagement platform.

Build stronger relationships, drive higher conversions and greater brand loyalty.

Markey understands each of your customers individually, and helps you connect with them through relevant timely interventions and communication, across channels, to drive share-of-mind and share-of-wallet. Usher in a new era of smart machine-intelligence driven CRM for your business.

You need customer engagement, not a CRM

Focused on befriending customers and building relationships, Markey helps small business owners interact, engage and build long-term relationships with their customers. Engagement encourages product sales and brand loyalty.

Know your customers well to market better

Learn who your customers really are. Identify advocates and critics within your customer pool with Markey — a simple, fast way for measuring influence across your target audience.

Send the right message to the right people

Our segmentation tools make it easy to send people messages that matter to them, without overwhelming them with ones that don’t. Get 23% higher open rates and 49% higher click through rates than unsegmented campaigns.

Automate yet keep the interaction human

The future of customer engagement is human. Markey is the only customer engagement platform that automatically delivers new conversations, content and more to your customers, with a personal touch.

Keep the conversation going with Markey's 'Always-On' customer engagement approach

Our software suite provides AI technology to build high-performance, precision-targeted digital marketing campaigns that engage customers across digital channels. Markey can assimilate your customer data from your native CRM, web and mobile apps, eCommerce platform, and digital channels, analyze it for insights, and deliver actionable recommendations to retain & grow a customer's attention and engagement and therefore increase customer lifetime value.

Smart engagement Assured customer delight

Frequently Asked Questions

That wouldn’t be incorrect, and there is so much more that Markey does for you. One could use Markey’s capabilities to keep customers engaged in meaningful conversations. Build loyalty, drive more sales and mine your database. 

Markey’s differentiation lies in automation, industry specific recommendations and always-on non-intrusive nurturing journey. In case of CRM, Markey scopes it until engagement and revenue generation activities. 

Markey’s AI powered algorithm keeps your customers engaged. In case you require a consultant to advise startegy or configure your instance, you can reach out to our team for support.