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Turbo charge your
Brand online.

Boost your online presence with Markey’s proprietary AI powered Digital Audit, Monitoring and Reputation Management Engine.

Improve your Brand's visibility by 300%

Markey provides over 10 levers for your brand, from optimizing your website experience to boosting SEO; from actively managing social profiles and directories to improving your brand’s discoverability and likeability.

Create a powerful online brand presence with Markey’s proprietary AI-powered Digital Marketing Engine.

Get your brand's digital audit done in minutes

Markey brings a revolutionary way to measure your brand’s digital presence with over 400 customer experience parameters covering your website, mobile apps, social media, marketplaces, and all available digital channels.

Benchmark against industry and competition

Benchmark your online presence amidst your industry and against specific competitors. Identify your strengths and fill the gaps in your customer experience and stay ahead of your competitors.

Maximize reach of your Websites & Mobile Apps

Markey makes you more discoverable and serves content that your customers love. Unlock analytics and understand what’s working for you. Converse with potential visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Make Search Engines love your Content

Easy-to-Use system that help you find and fix broken links, while giving you content suggestions, targeted keywords and much more to keep your site optimized for search engines.

Boost Brand engagement through your Social Media

Market your brand, maximize reach, capture new audiences but most of all increase engagement with our proven Social Media automation engine. A social media management tool that helps your Brand schedule, engage, analyze and report.

Befriend all Marketplaces and Directories

The best whitelabel SaaS for Marketplaces and Directories, powered by Artificial Intelligence. Integrated with one click and authentication, the only platform you need for all marketplaces and directories. 

Build and protect your Brand reputation online.

The internet is a wild and free space. People can say anything, often untrue and get away with it. But if you want to own your digital reputation and ensure that the right kind of information is available about you, then we’ve got you.

Markey helps you take control of your brand narrative by helping drive positive customer experience, generating great word-of-mouth, addressing any complaints and negative feedback timely and professionally while highlighting the stories you’d like your customers to hear about you.

Boost Your Online Presence by 300%

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Markey is designed for entrepreneurs & business users. It doesn’t require any prior marketing experience or knowledge. Rather, expect Markey to guide you through the process and turn you into a Marketing Ninja!

We understand the new business paradox. Leverage Markey’s AI-Powered recommendation engine, that understands your business context and sets you up on a journey of easy & quick discoverability, beat the competiton and eventually turns more business for you. 

Markey works just as you expect a digital marketing consultant to advise you. It optimises your potential customers’ experience across all digital touch points, including your owned websites and mobile apps, social media channels, search results, aggregator/ directory listings, blogs/forums etc. Markey does most of the things for you, and nudges you when a manual intervention is needed.