Retarget Leads + Engage Your Customers with Email Marketing Campaigns

Up your marketing game with enhanced email capabilities developed for businesses to retarget potential customers and build strong relationships with existing customers. Markey offers you advanced email lead nurture and retargeting tools to manage bulk email campaigns with just a few clicks. You can send feedback mail, referrals, recommendations, and inspiration or use it for regular communication and retargeting the leads that didn’t convert earlier. 

We have predesigned templates and a range of customization options to choose from, making it quick and easy-to-use for everyone- no technical expertise is required. Also, you don’t need to upload your data regularly – Markey will pull your leads/customer data from the lead management system automatically.

Why Markey?

1. Retargeting

Send targeted messages to individuals who have already expressed interest in your product or service but haven't yet taken action. Retargeting can increase conversions and drive sales.

2. Audience Segmentation

Divide your email list into specific groups based on interests, behavior, and buying journey. Personalize your offers and updates to make them more relevant and engaging for each group

3. Email Templates

Choose from our pre-designed email templates, or create your own using our drag-and-drop editor. Save time and effort while maintaining a consistent brand image across all your emails.

4. Analytics

Monitor your email campaign's performance with detailed analytics, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Gain valuable insights to optimize your campaigns and improve overall customer experience.

Retargeting leads and nurturing them through effective email campaigns can increase your conversion rates and boost revenue. If you’ve not launched your first campaign yet, it’s time to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing is one of the digital marketing activities that involves sending promotional messages, ads, and other content to an audience via email. It can help you retarget potential customers and increase conversions, thereby boosting your overall sales and revenue. Also, you can use email campaigns for brand awareness, generating new leads, and engaging existing customers.

You can create a range of campaigns like newsletters, promotional emails, welcome series, abandoned cart reminders, and more. It depends on your business goals and the buying journey of your target audience. For example, you can send auto-trigger emails for regular events such as sign-up, OTP verification, follow-up, etc.

If someone has engaged with your brand in the past but did not buy from you, you can create new offers and retarget them to be your customer. Similarly, you can send discounts or share the latest updates with your loyal customers and subscribers to upsell or build trust in your brand. 

Markey offers you detailed analytics that allows you to get data insights and review the performance of each of your email campaigns. Look for metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to ensure the success of campaigns. Use this data to optimize your campaigns and improve your results over time.