Easier Sales.
More Customers.

It’s simple. We make sales easy for you by delivering quality prospects to your door.

Markey is always awake and looking for the next potential customer.

Markey is the most efficient sales assistant, relentlessly looking for prospective customers online,  pitching your products and story, nurturing them with relevant messages and content across channels, to eventually converting them as customers. And it does it non-stop 24×7.

Always-on Customer Acquisition Campaigns

Always-on Engines that deliver the perfect customer at the right time. Our multi-channel software platform can help you discover, create and deploy over hundreds of customer acquisition campaigns across every marketing channel.

Turn Social Media Conversations into Sales

Build Relevant Leads and Sales Faster, Easier and Smarter with Markey! Markey’s Platform is Fully Integrated to the Most Popular Social Networks. It Increases Confidence of Sales and Decreases Marketing Costs.

Nurture Enquiries, until they buy!

Our Machine Learning Nurture Engine creates relevant and timely communication that generates leads and converts prospects into customers. Give your leads what they want, when they want it.

Manage Leads & see them convert.

Markey is designed to work for any business came through the door by offering a 5-step process to increase order size, reduce costs per order, improve customer satisfaction, and increase repeat purchases.

A truly omni-channel customer acquisition solution.

Markeys keeps your customers at the center of its efforts and not channels. That’s why Markey works seamlessly across online, social, search, mobile and connects with people in meaningful ways. Leveraging decades of media, consumer behavior and ad-tech knowledge, we have created Markey as a full-service marketing solution that is ages ahead of all contemporary marketing automation solutions available in the market.

Win New Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, a lot!

Markey is the first of its kind, truly omni-channel, always-on self learning and optimizing marketing engine that understands your business and industry context and deploys marketing resources accordingly. 

Unlike other enterprise marketing clouds and tools, Markey does not require extensive product training to deploy or use, and is easy on your pocket with affordable subscription plans with no long term lock-in.

Markey is also incredibly fast to deploy and starts working for you in minutes. 

Always-on campaigns are literally always on, running non-stop across the targeted digital channels for the set objectives. This means, you set up the campaign once and it auto-optimizes at regular intervals without having to make any manual intervention. Unless until you wish to.

Markey lets you launch marketing campaigns starting from as low as Rs. 5000 per month.