Scale your Mission with a Partner that cares and gets things done

Nonprofits exist amongst and face business-like challenges. Don’t let lack of resources come in your way. Markey lets you focus on your work while it takes your message and mission to like-minded people.

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How does it work?

Markey delivers AI-driven smart marketing algorithms that make digital marketing an affordable practice for Social Enterprises.

Setup your Account

Share your organization details, causes you care about and mission statement. Let us help you define your target audiences and messaging.

Define Goals & Budget

Set your objectives and allocate your expenses. Test your marketing strategy and learn on the go. There is something to achieve for every rupee.

Launch your Campaigns

Simply go-live with our preconfigured campaigns. Drive more traffic, more volunteer signups and more donors to your mission.

Awaken Emotions, Spread Awareness

  • Put your non-profit on the world map, opening its doors to a wide global audience.
  • Present the very best version of your brand online, so that institutional and individual donors can easily discover your cause.
  • Build a strong digital presence, manage your reputation with credibility, develop trust amongst your allies, and earn positive PR.

Leverage Always-On Support Acquisition Campaigns

  • Markey gives you a platform to reach out to potential supporters across search, social and display & video channels. 
  • Our preset lead generation campaigns not only create awareness, but generate interest, and inspire action.
  • Access free credits from prominent media platforms like Google and Facebook – we can guide you how!

Turn Compassion Into Action