Marketing Automation for Small Businesses
with Big Ambitions!

Markey automates paid digital campaigns and leads generation, saving time and money. We make your marketing budget work harder and longer, giving your business that extra push.

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How does it work?

User-friendly. Self-sufficient. Economical. Markey makes digital marketing accessible and affordable, perfect for small businesses.

Setup Your Brand and Target Audiences

Onboard your Brand and product details, define target audience attributes and demographics, upload brand creatives

Publish Ready-to-deploy AI-managed Campaigns

Markey has draft multi-channel auto-optimizing campaigns ready for you. Simply set your budget, review AI generated ads & publish.

Monitor Results, Close Leads, Grow Sales

Worry only about the results, not about channels or campaigns. Markey will generate leads for your business faster and cheaper!

Art of Marketing. Science of Sales.

  • A high-quality  toolkit for lead generation and leads management for your small business
  • We make your marketing budget work smarter – investing in what’s working, and fixing what’s not.
  • Set objectives, build strategies, develop tactics and take you to market – we do it all.

Building Connections, Driving Conversions

  • Markey helps small businesses reach, retain and resonate with the right people.
  • No need to spend time or money in hiring and managing agencies or experts when you can do-it-yourself
  • AI assisted communications, from connection to conversion

Create a differentiated marketing plan