Manage leads efficiently with a powerful lead management software

All businesses, big or small, need leads. In order to grow, one must convert leads to loyal customers. In a typical sales process, leads from multiple channels enter your lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals. You need to have a lead management platform in place if you want to make the most of prospects who are interested in your product or service.

1. Let Markey generate leads for you.

Never miss out on any high-intent lead visiting your website. Markey provides you with creative ways to generate and capture leads. Markey automates lead generation via always-on lead gen campaiagns. You can also cpature leads via web to lead forms, social media lead forms, and direct uploads.

2. Lead tracking and enrichment

Markey tracks all your leads as they engage with your ads and visit your website. We score each lead that helps identify the priority ones from cold ones. Markey also track IP origin of your anonymous site traffic and shows you detailed information about each lead.

3. Lead nurturing & qualification

Don't just reach them through email, make full use of Markey's omnichannel communication mediums to connect with your leads. Nurture leads through retargeting campaigns across search, display and social media, or simply reach out over email or phone call from their contact information. And sync all your leads, their related information back into Markey. An effective way to qualify leads is through a contact scoring model—a model that ranks your contacts based on their interest in your product or service, demographic information, buying journey, and engagement with your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lead management is a simple way of understanding which stages of the pipeline their deals are in. This tracking helps knowing whether a lead or prospect is on a path to closing or at risk. Many organizations, esp. the B2B ones, choose to use software that streamlines this process and uses automation to encourage leads through the sales process.

Markey does this really well and compliments the same with its AI powered algorithms to generate leads as well. 

You manage leads with other LMS software; and you generate & nurture them with Markey. Markey lets you create campaigns that are omnichannel and generate these leads for you. Unlike other Lead management solutions, Markey is the only one built for non-marketers that anyone can use without any marketing or sales experience. It automates most lead tracking tasks and lets you setup auto-retargeting campaigns across search, social and display channels. 

At Markey, you don’t have to worry about buying modules. When you subscribe with Markey, you get all features including Leads tracking and management as part of all our plans, designed for all budgets.