1 Campaign, 1000+ Channels. Here is your true Lead Magnet.

We demystify pay-per-click advertising, allowing you to focus your efforts on brand building and customer engagement.

1. Always-on Lead Gen Campaigns

With Markey, you don't have to worry about the lead gen process, channels, bid strategy, creative, copy, learning time, etc. Review the campaigns setup by Markey that are customized to your business, budget, industry and goal - and go live in no time.

2. Ready-to-deploy Campaign Templates

Markey provides industry-tailored template campaigns for you to choose from. These cater to various goals, business types and budgets. Without having to worry about starting from blank canvas, begin with a template that best matches your need.

3. Campaigns that self-optimize

They say, it takes a marketing consultant to audit, analyse and re-jig a campaign every few days for an always-green RoI. Well, not anymore. Our AI powered algorithm keeps an eye on all your campaigns. Each campaign is rebalanced at frequent intervals to ensure right channel-budget mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when their ad is viewed or clicked. 

There are dozens of online spaces where you can spend your coveted ad money, and the best way to vet them is by taking a close look at your potential ROI on each platform.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of the top PPC platforms.

  • Google Ads 
  • Google Ad Network
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ad Network
  • Twitter Ads
  • Amazon Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads

If you’re a startup or small business, you likely don’t have enough organic or direct traffic in the first place. That’s where PPC ads come in, to help you reach out to your target audiences, make them aware of your brand and products, and get them to visit and engage. 

With PPC ad campaigns, you can have complete control over how much you’re willing to spend. You could choose to pay for ad views or pay only when visitors click on the ad leading to your website or landing page — with a high chance of conversion.